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Founded in the year 2005 by an expert IB teacher, IB Global Academy had been making waves in the field of IB coaching and IB guidance. We are located in Central Delhi, India and most of our students are from prestigious IB schools like Pathways World School, G D Goenka World School, American Embassy School,  B D Somani International School, Bombay International School, Dhirubhai Ambani International School and also from several renowned schools from Asian countries like China, UAE, Indonesia, etc. We have now grown into a full fledged IB Academy and now we cater to all kinds of IB students at all levels and of all countries. This is only because our teachers are experienced, confident, committed and have the requisite expertise to tackle the curriculum of IB. We are constantly innovating to make our processes and techniques better so that our students fare well in the exams and assignments.