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 We provide the following services:


1. One to one individual and group home tuitions in the following IB subjects: Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Economics and Business Management (Both HL and SL)

2. Group coaching at your/our place in the above subjects.

3. Help and guidance on the following IB projects and assignments (both SL and HL levels):

a. World Literature (WL)

b. Extended Essay (EE) - All subjects (English, Biology, Physics, Maths, Economics, History, Environmental Sciences, Psychology, Philosophy and many other IB subjects from all groups)

c. Historical Investigation (HI) which is an Internal Assessment paper

d. Theory of Knowledge Essay (TOK)

e. ITGS projects (both SL and HL)

f. Computer Science Dossier project (both SL and HL)

g. Physics Lab writing help

h. Biology Lab writing help

i. Chemistry Lab writing help

j. EVM Lab report help

k. Spanish (Ab initio)

l. French 

m. English (both SL and HL)

n. Hindi (both SL and HL)

o. Math portfolio and project help (both SL and HL)

p. Theatre help - PPP (both SL and HL)

And many other kinds of project and assignment help on various subjects too.....